I grew up in an art museum. Although this statement is an exaggeration, it is not without truth. My mother was a docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. As a child, I would roam the collections unsupervised.  It was the 1970s. The artwork I encountered at the High and at the other museums of my childhood- MOMA, the Met, the National Gallery and the Cocoran - felt as familiar as family. Unsurprisingly, my own paintings are art historical in nature. I make paintings out of the art of those who came before me. I paint on a variety of surfaces and scales. Each surface and size contributes a particular sensibility. The paintings occupy a plurality of elevations, from floor to table-top to wall. These painting based installations are invitational and immersive. They are deeply informed by my personal relationship to art history: my childhood museum experiences as well as my 20 plus years as a museum educator at the Art Institute of Chicago. The art historical references that abound in my paintings are both direct and indirect. The source imagery transforms through use, repetition, and the imperfection of my hand, evolving away from the original and toward something new. Distortion and misquotation yield fresh imagery. The process is not unlike like the children’s game of telephone. Accidental and inadvertent gestures define this project. Experienced piece by piece, the work celebrates moments both known and unnoticed. Taken as a whole, it is an ode to painting's recent history and to its pluralistic present.

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